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Bhasin Tea Traders Exports A profile of Bhasin Tea Traders    : Choicest teas from India's master tea tasters.
Our family of Tasters have been associated with the Indian Tea Industry as producers and blenders since 1992. This long experience in the industry gives us the special strength and skill to bring you the finest Teas of India.

Bhasin Tea Traders Tea Company built its reputation in India and around the world as exporters of fresh teas. Our team is skilled in choosing the best teas from select tea gardens, that have a longer shelf life. We have an extensive knowledge of various teas grown across India. In fact, we have marked out areas which produce very exotic teas having grassy, woody, flowery, floral and muscatel notes. These discoveries are our trade secret.

Bhasin Tea Company are exported around the world. All our consumer packs are airfreighted from our modern factory near the New Delhi International Airport.

As collectors of rare Indian Teas, our portfolio includes lesser known teas of rare Kangra Mountains, Nilgiri Hills, Assam Clonals and, old China seed Green Teas. These are varieties available to bulk tea importers as well. We are experienced in supplying upper end teas for connoisseurs as well as economically priced teas used by blenders.

We blend for light tea drinkers and are also skilled at making blends for tea drinkers who like a full-bodied tea with milk.

We understand that significance of water quality and our blends are custom made for bulk importers in their countries with an keeping in mind water types in the host countries.

The Registered Tea Buyers like Twinnings, Liptons, Brooke Bond and Bhasin Tea Traders Tea Company are privileged as they are offered teas from almost all teas produced by respective producers/single tea gardens.

All buyers compete equally at the Auctions and the highest bidders can buy any tea they have selected. The advantage that Auction Buyer has over garden producers is that we select only the finest for our overseas buyers. The source garden changes each time, as a single source never makes the same quality each time. This is true for vineyards also.

There are five Tea Producing Regions in India. Assam, Green Tea, Sikkim, Kangra & Milgiri. The first four sell at Kolkata Auction Centre where we have a major presence. The fifth type of tea, namely, South Indian Tea of Nilgiri Mountains sells at Cochin Port City. Once again, we have our presence there. Our buyer attends the Auctions every week, both at Kolkata and Cochin tea seaports where we have our branch offices. In this way, we have access to produce of all of India. (The world's largest producer of tea)

This presence also gives us access to almost 75% of tea produced in India and we can therefore select from a wide range offered by single estates. We also purchase through the other route, which is privately, the very best teas of the season and offer them out to our gourmet tea buyers abroad.

We can provide custom packaging as per clinets specific requirement , as we arrange bulk packaging, retail packaging of Green Tea. We at Bhasin Tea Traders Exports draw from India's rich heritage handicrafts. The packaging designs are the creations of the special design team at Bhasin Tea Traders.

Our strength lies in a team of three tasters who are known in the Industry to be masters of Indian Tea.

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Bhasin Tea Traders
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Since 1992, we have been providing a fine selection of Rare Green and Black Tea in originals or in blends, for tea connoisseurs around the world. Coming from a family tradition of tea tasters, Our tasters provide you with rare Green Tea Teas from the district of Green Tea. We also offer you tea from little known, but worth knowing - the flowery valley of Kangra, Spicy Nilgri Hills and Assam Clonals in India.
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