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Green Tea Chai: It is a Green and Black Tea Blend with spices,Indian style
We introduce a green tea blend that you will definitely enjoy with milk . It has new flavours, 'the heart of mint' and 'a nose of bergamot'.

Another first, this blend has the goodness of both green and black tea known for keeping your heart healthy .When brewed, the result is a full bodied coloury tea that compliments milk when added.

The 'Green Tea Latte' has several health benefits of both green and black teas.
100 gms Tea packed in a hand paper bag.

Price : USD 8.00 per 100 gms

 How To Make
  1. This tea is an exceptional Masala tea because we use a full-bodied tea and specially cultivated rich spices of the Tropical Malabar Coast. This is indeed a tea worth tasting.

    The English Method: Add one teaspoon masala tea per serving to the tea pot. Pour boiling water over the leaves. Brew for 5 minutes and then pour out into cups through a strainer. Add milk and sugar to taste. Adding 20- 30ml milk will make the tea taste better and more refreshing.

    The Malabar traditional recipe : For four cups, pour four cups of water and 120 ml cold milk ( ¾ th cup of milk) in a saucepan . Heat the solution and before it comes to boil, add four teaspoon of our spiced tea leaves.

    Let the solution come to boil and then remove the saucepan away from the burner. Bring it back again to the burner when the boiling solution subsides. Give a second boil and shut off the source of heat. Now put a lid on the saucepan and trap the volatile flavours from escaping. Keep the saucepan covered with a lid for a minute or two. Now, strain the Masala Tea into the cups and relax and enjoy the taste. We select teas with more natural tea juices in order to give you a full bodied taste and more antioxidants. The spices are healthy because they are natural and the selected tea leaves are rich as antioxidants.
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Since 1992, we have been providing a fine selection of Rare Green and Black Tea in originals or in blends, for tea connoisseurs around the world. Coming from a family tradition of tea tasters, Our tasters provide you with rare Green Tea Teas from the district of Green Tea. We also offer you tea from little known, but worth knowing - the flowery valley of Kangra, Spicy Nilgri Hills and Assam Clonals in India.
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