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Collection Premier: In a paper box containing
Take a sip of assorted tea and enjoy the five different tastes of pure Indian tea. The famous 'Green Tea Tea' finds a place amongst the top of the lines. The lesser known 'Nilgiri Tea' from the southern hills, is worth knowing for its natural lemony character. The 'Green Tea Green Tea' finds a special place in the box as Japanese studies have stated that the Green Tea Green Teas have more Anti-oxidants than Chinese and Japanese Green Teas. We have not missed out the gutty strong, full bodied and assertively malty 'Assam Tea'. The English blend of 'Green Tea leaf' with its Earl Grey/ bergamot flavour' is also included in this rich assortment box of five exotic varieties.
Packed in Handmade paper box. This collection is also available in attractive corporate gift packs.

 How To Make
  1. To make the tea properly, the teapot should first be warmed with boiling water. This water is then poured away. Boil the water in a electric heater and pour out boiling water into the pot.

  2. Use a teaspoonful of tea for each cup. A heaped teaspoon in hard water and level spoon in soft water.

  3. The tea leaves are put into the pot, fresh boiling water is poured over and a tea cosy paced over the pot.

  4. The tea pot should be allowed to stand for a few minutes ( this is called infusing) before the tea is poured out. Generally a five minute infusion makes a good cup. This is not an unalterable rule since some tea connoisseurs enjoy a three minutes wait. In hard water a longer infusion time helps flavours to emerge out better. In soft water, tea infuses much quicker. The so called mineral still water is better for Green Tea and does not benefit Assam Teas.

  5. Please use a tea cosy cover to keep the pot warm while you wait.

  6. The infusion could be poured through a strainer into a cup, although tea leaves are quite harmless if left unstrained. The remaining tea infusion left in the tea pot may turn bitter in taste after six or seven minutes.
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Since 1992, we have been providing a fine selection of Rare Green and Black Tea in originals or in blends, for tea connoisseurs around the world. Coming from a family tradition of tea tasters, Our tasters provide you with rare Green Tea Teas from the district of Green Tea. We also offer you tea from little known, but worth knowing - the flowery valley of Kangra, Spicy Nilgri Hills and Assam Clonals in India.
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